Sunday, July 08, 2007

fun, sun and bee bits

What can we say, Kyler just had a really really bad weekend! Again we are outside playing haveing a good time, when he got bite on his left arm. Poor guy, but he did not even cry! he just came over to me and showed me this red spot on his arm, I asked if he had been burnt on the slide he said no, I asked if he had scraped it, he said no, I ask if it hurt had said yes, but I still did not know why, so I asked him to show me how he hurt it and he pulled me over to the swimming pool and showed me a half dead wasp. I was shocked, here he was bit by a wasp and not a tear in sight. He did not even want ice on it. brave little guy not like his mom who would be crying like crazy!
So he was a brave little guy, and what is summer with out at lest on call to the friend nurse for help. Thanks jen you are a great friend!
hope kyler has a better week


Blondie said...

well I hope you don't have to visit the ER any more this summer!! You've had enough I'd say... thank goodness Kyler's not allergic to bees! M&S have been stung before too - so far so good!

Except for the ER trips, it sounds like you're having a wonderful summer - enjoy!!

Not Jenny said...

I don't mind being a nurse to cute little guys!! I am glad I could help.