Saturday, July 07, 2007

fun, sun and ER

What is a day with out fun sun water and the ER?
We had a great day playing outside in the in the sun and water. We went to the sprinkler park and had a great time splashing and playing on the playground. All until Kyler hit his head on the concrete full face. Poor kid! Poor mom, Poor dad. Kev picked him up and handed to me right way. He had a cut and as you know head wonds bleed alot so it looked hoarable. But that was not what scared me. What scared me was he went quite and sleepy so I took him to the hospital right away. They took one look at him and took him in to see the doc. That is not saying alot in brandon some times because there did not seem to be anyone waiting. Anyway, the doc was not sure what to do at first, he was not responding to much and looked just off to me. But then he just came around, his color came back, he started talking, and pointing at things. So the doc sent me home with a check list of what to watch for. He is doing great so far, I need to go wake him up to do the check list one more time tonight. So no one worries I am sure he will be fine, just a bumb on the head in the end. that a a big bruse :)

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