Monday, November 19, 2007

bussy weekend!!

So this is Our weekend, First Grandpa Petursson came to stay with us because he had curling, well the kids loved to wake up and find that surprise! Then Anuty Shanna was in town so we went for a swim with her. Then home for Kyler for a nap, and Dathen went to get his cake for his party. Then off to the kids birthday party. From 1-3 we ran, played games and had a great time at Playtime. A new kids play place here in town. Wait there is still more!!
Then we went out for dinner to Joeys only, followed by the Santa peraid.
Sunday mom got up and drove to WPG for a grooming compation in which I won 2nd!! Way to go me! Dathen got his second strip with his Saju Jirugi. Way to go Dathen!
Then finally home for bed!! oh did I mention Kyler and I are sporting the cold from HELL!!!! just to make life interesting :)

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Anonymous said...

W O W! Congrats to Alice and the nice looking princess in the picture! How cool is second place!! Congrats. I know you put a lot of effort and time into this event so I could not be happier for your success. I am guessing you made your dress also?

Congrats Dathen on the second strip. Gramps is really proud of you accomplishment! I will have to think twice if you want to play wrestle in the future.

Congrats to Kevin for holding the fort on Sunday while Brandon's best dog groomer was adding to her success.
Congrats to Kyler for your work on crafts!

A very proud Dad and Gramps.