Thursday, November 08, 2007

The holidays

Well the holidays are almost here and with that come a lot of hands looking for help. I don't see anything wrong with this and I even try to give to as many as I can, But I never really felt good about it. Do you know what i mean, you drop of money, toys or food into some labeled box and hope it gets into needing hands. I am sure it does but you never feel.... well really good about it.

Well i am going to change that this year. This year we are adopting a Brandon family in need. We (the family) buy the makings for a holiday dinner, we find out how old and what sex the kids are and get to buy them each a gift of $20 or more. And then WE get to deliver it and say Merry Christmas.
I am really excited about this. I get to put a face to my charity. The whole thing is put on by The Salvation Army. They give you a list of what MUST be in the holiday dinner, but then you can add your own little touch.
The whole box will cost about $100 by the time we are done (I know us we will over spend the estimated $80 that is should take) and that is about how much we gave out in total last year.
Last year they ran out of family's to give hampers to. They had more people wanting to give then they had that needed. So they turned them to other parts of the province where help was needed.
Just thought I would share with the family this really neat idea we are participating in this year.

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Anonymous said...

It seems like the whole family is getting in to the real SPIRIT of Christmas! How cool is that!

Enjoy watching those faces light up with happyness when they answer the door and there you all stand with Christmas dinner and a few special extras.

Love Gramps