Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Hi again

ok here is the deal I will try (try being a big word here) to write once a month. I may even try to get a few pics on. But I can not promise this will happen. People may look at the blog and say it does not take much time to write a little entry now and then. these people don't have blogs and kids and full time jobs that are not in front of the computer!!!
The proses is very difficult. First you have to find time when you are 1/2 coherent to type (2 in the morning is not good). Then you have to formulate your thoughts, pick a story to tell, or explain a picture you are going to post. Then you have to put words to this idea. And then this is the hard part TYPE IT ALL OUT!
So my goal is to write one entry each month if you manage to do more my public gets a bounce if I don't manage one, oh well there is always next month.
This does not count as my post for this month this is just a goal plain I have write to remind myself.

So becaue there was no bloging in Oct. I will tell you really fast how the month went. There was Grandmas birthday day, uncle Gords birthday, Grandma and Grandpas anniversary, October fall party at Dathens school, daycare party and haunted house, end of October brought Halloween which I had to drag the kids home after 1 1/2 hours of trick or treating.
there you go now you know we all have sugar highs and can't sleep.

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Anonymous said...

1 1/2 Hours collecting candy! Hmmmm this may cause a change on your previous blog.."no cavaties".

So what did you do with all your extra time in Oct?

Dad (the smat alec)