Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Oh how the kids have grown!!
This is Christmas day at Dave and Anna's. All the kids under the tree. Heidi agreed to do it one more time :)
(*big sigh*) its done, its over and we are home again. Christmas is fun and I love it, I love seeing everyone and getting to give gifts, and eating and eating and eating. But its a lot of stress too. But its done for 2007 and now its 2008.
We had a great x-mas with little to no fighting, which is big for me. I always end up crying at x-mas because of the stress and family and excitement.
We added a new addition to the family, on boxing day. She is a "Megal" (beagal and min pin.) really she is just a mutt. A cute mutt but a mutt. We have been trying to name here from day one. When we first brought her home we told the kids a few names we were thinking about, one being Sani ( saniya or sain means BEYOND COMPARISON, or to give rather then receive in Hinduism), which the kids took too right away, but I wanted Noel, so for 5 days I called her Noel and the kids Sani, I figured the kids would forget and start using Noel too. These are the kids that can not remember the cats names, the cats we have had longer then them. Well I finally gave in yesterday, the dogs name is Sani (sound like Soun-ie)

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