Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Only funny to the person who did not have to clean it up

Last night Dathen got up, (or at lest rose from his bed) probably sleeping walking, wandered over to his brothers room and proceeded to pee on his night stand. I want to believe he thought he was in the bathroom and not taking some unresolved anger out on his brothers night stand.
Kev: "I went up to investigate something that sounded like crying. As it turns out he was giggling. I don't know what he thought was funny, but I'm sure he thought he was in the bathroom standing in front of the toilet." So here is the picture, Dathen sound asleep eyes wide open with a goofy smile on his face, giggling, peeing on to his brothers night stand. Kev got him to pull up his pants and go back to bed. Kev even asked him if he just went pee, "yep, good night dad" Dathens replied. Kevin then went back to Kylers room and had to clean up the lake that was left behind.
Normally Kylers night stand is empty, he just dose not put anything in it, but of course this time I had. I have been looking for a book for weeks now, and well we found it. Unfortunately it is not read able and I will have to buy another one.
As Kevin is telling me this I can not help but giggle and laugh myself. Only the person who DID NOT have to clean it up would find it funny.
And we thought we just had to house train a puppy.

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