Monday, February 04, 2008

Ice Dance

Well if you are Canadian, you know this dance! Its and one where someone straps 2 sharp blades of metal to your feet puts you on a slippery surface and expects you to not only stand but to move forward, or any direction other then down on your a**. So here are the pictures of us doing just that to Dathen. He did get a little better as the time went on. This past weekend Grandpa Pratt came to help too. He still wants to learn, its just so cold out he can not spend large amounts of time doing it. Oh well he will get the hang of it, one day.

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Anonymous said...

WE ARE CANADIAN!!!!!! Of course he'll get it one of these days.

One can only hope that when he gets it that he will enjoy it. One just has to put up with some brusing along with other hurts long enough to finally get it.

Is he having fun yet?

Grandpa (the skater - Pratt)