Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My dog thinks she is a fish, my kid a dog, and I have a hockey player too....

So as we talked about we have a new puppy, she thinks she is a fish!! She loves the bath tub!! I mean loves with water with out water toys no toys, even the tub in my shop she is always trying to get into. The funnest thing is she can not jump in yet, so she pounces at the side until her bum gets enough momentum to push her in. She even goes in when the kids are havening a bath which they love!
My son Kyler thinks he is a dog. This is loves to do his business out side. He will come home from where ever and as the rest of the family is running to get inside out of the cold he wants to stay outside for a few minutes. And then will come bang on the door and say "I'm done, I'm poppy." With a great big smile. So the best I can figure he thinks he is a dog and does his business outside like them.
My Hockey player.... What is the one think I did not want my kids to play, hockey. And what is the one think Dathen wants to do more then anything in the world, hockey. We took him to watch a stakting lesson so he would know it was not all pucks and sticks, and this did not stop him, he came home and told me "I want to skate! I don't care if I fall down." So we went out and got him a pair of skates, thinking he would feel how wobbily they were and not want to do this, nope he loves them!! He puts them on with skate guards and walks all over the house, kicks the ball in them, floor hockey in the house, goes to the bathroom. He can not wait to hit the ice. But its been so cold we have had to put that off. But everyday he asks are we going skating today? So far we keep saying its tooooo COLD!!!
So those are my boys. what a silly family.

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Anonymous said...

of course your son wants to play hocky,. thats the canadian sport.
It will be fun right?
as for Kyler wanting to be a dog he will out grow that sooner or later be glad he doent want to be a cat.