Friday, April 11, 2008

chicken pox 2

Now you may think by the title that I mean the second kids has chicken pox, which he does, but the 2 is not for second kid, no its for he has 2 chicken pox! That is it, only 2! We looked his whole body over and that is all we can find!! To say the lest it has not slowed him down at all!! And I found out after talking to a nurse that if that is all he gets he could get them again later in life. :(
On another note, (sort 0f) I put a pink heart on Soni's back yesterday, and when Dathen saw it he asked dad if she was getting the chicken pox too. How cute is that!!

Well the bikes are out and the kids are loving it!! Dathen wants to ride all the time and even Kyler can not get enough. Yesterday we even let the kids eat outside! We had a really simple dinner beacuse we has work to do at the toy library and so we let them eat outside. +8 and we dine outside. I am a little worried what is going to happen when the weather gets really really nice, I may never get my kids in the house. I will set up a tent for them out there, they would love that!

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