Friday, May 23, 2008

birds in the bell tower, no just the bed room

So let me tell you a little back ground first, Kevin is remaking our sun room off the master bed room. This master bed room only has one door and that is to the hall other then that its open to the back stairs and back door, there for the rest of the house. We always leave the sun room door open to help cool off the room. I have asked Kev to hurry up and get the windows in before the bugs start coming in the house.....apparently that was not the problem.

So I drop the boys off at daycare and come home to set up shop, I had taken the dogs with me for the car ride,( yes car ride I was running late that day so we did not walk or bike the whole 3 blocks to day care), I get home bring the dogs inside the yard and Alis starts to bark AT the house. But the door is closed and locked. I unlock the door and with out a chance to move out of the way booth dogs run up stairs barking and whining. I have to see what is making them so upset, my first thought was someone was in the house, until I heard a.....what is that, a flapping sound?
I take the stairs 2 by 2 and find myself at the top looking at a sight I thought I would never see in MY house, my dogs are on the bed snapping at a PIGEON, who is flying around the bed room. My first thought is "please don't poop in the house!!" My second is "don't let the dogs catch it!!" My third is "holy sh@$, that thing is huge!!!!!!!!!"
I grab the first thing I see, a broom and start waving it at this massive gray bird, (do you know how big those things are?). The bird flays toward the closed door to the hall, I came around the bed, wave the broom again at it, the dogs almost take off my arm trying to get it, this time the bird flys toward the sun room door, but at the last second heads for the stairs. "oh no not down stair!!!" I think, prying the thing does not break anything or poop. By this time the cats have heard all the react and come to see what its all about, its a good thing they did, as they came up the stairs the bird saw them and came back toward the sun room, with one last wave of the broom the bird flow out of the house, out of the sun room and landed on the neighbors roof. If I had something to throw at it I would have!!!

I now do I full check of the house to make sure it did not poop on anything, all clear!! The animals are all excited and disappointed as I close the sun room door.
I sit down take a deep breath and call Kevin,

ring, ring, "hey beautiful, whats up?" he asks so nicely... little did he know he was going to get an ear full for not getting the windows in. After calming down he does get me to laugh about it. And promises to get the windows in that night. (they still aren't)

Good thing Kyler was not here, we have just got him convinced the birds are nice even robins, for some reason he started the spring not liking them, but he seems to be warming up.


Not Jenny said...

Wowsers!! What a story!

Anonymous said...

never a dull moment at you house.