Sunday, August 10, 2008

Grand beach weekend

Grand beach is always fun and seeing kids see it for the first time is even better. We took the boys to grand beach last weekend, and we all had a great time. The first thing Dathen did was chase the sea gulls but that was ok they got back at him later for it when the pooped on his head. He was NOT happy about that. But dad cleaned him up and he was ready to go again. We never got any of those big grand beach waves which was a good thing, I don't think my boys would have liked them. But they did love the sand and the sand bars.
No one got sun burned or dehydrated but we all eat to many donuts!! They now have a min donut stand there and they sell a BUCKET for $8. That means you get a snack, sand castle builder and a frizbe (lid to bucket). So we thought it was a great value, so we bought one every day we were there. Oh well you are only at grand beach once a year. Oh ya and Dathen learned how to catch frogs from mom.

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