Thursday, September 04, 2008

Dathens first day at school

So yesterday was Dathens first day in grade one. He was so excited!! I had to make him wait to go. He walked home for lunch on his own, and then I tried to walk him back but he would only let me go as far as the cross walk and even that was pushing it. As Dathen say "ok mom that is far enough, see you later." I wanted to cry, my little boy is all grown up right....

Well today was his second day in grade one, and he needs a little help still I guess. He was to come home for lunch again today. He gets out at 11:40 and should be home by no later then 11:50, we are only 4 houses away. Well 11:55 comes and goes and I am starting to freak out. I have a dog that is going to be pick up any minute now and still no Dathen. So I call the school to ask if he is still there. after what felt like a hour on hold they came back and told me he was out side playing. Apparently he thought the pudding and banana I pack him for snack was lunch. So I made a hot dog and walked it to the school for him. Silly kid that is not enough for lunch I told him. Good thing I am so close.
So tonight at dinner we talked about if he wanted to stay for lunch with his friends or come home to me. He wants to come home to me (I am still needed) He did ask one thing, that I put a note in his bag to remind him to come home for lunch.
He is so cute , he also asked for something very specific for his birthday to day,....He wants a flip open cell phone. He promises to leave it at home and not take it to school.
That should make you smile for the day.

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