Monday, September 29, 2008

pumpkin patch

So we took the boys to a pumpkin patch this weekend. about 30 min away from Brandon. It was great! There was a large hay bail park they could climb and play on, and a trickle course with john deer bikes, rubber duck races, corn field walk (we did not do this) hunted barn (we did not do this either) a small petting zoo with a pig, chickens donkeys and cows, a pretend cow to milk, and a train ride behind a tractor, a big sand box, a zip cord (we did not do this) lots of pumpkins of different colors and shapes. We saw a few kids that we knew and got to play with.They kids had a good time. We got 2 pumpkins for Halloween and Kev got a pumpkin loaf. I could not find much I could eat in a pumpkin patch, go figure.

But the real adventure was on the way home. We had left Brandon and no one looked at the gas gage. I blame Kev he is the one who has been driving the van all week. Anyway we get to the pumpkin patch and the gas light came on. That is ok we can stop at oak lake on the way home for gas, we SHOULD have enough to get us there at lest. So we enjoy the day and head home with one stop for gas. But wait, when we get to oak lake they are SOLD OUT of gas....
so we ask where is the next closes gas station, there is an Indian reserve with a gas station about 15 min from there. Well we really only have one choice and that is to try to make it there. We made it there only to find out they were closed because there computer was not working. There is NO way we are making it back to Brandon now, we can not by gas, and are out in the middle of no where. So we wait and wait and wait... in the mean time we see some lady back into another car and drive off, so we write a note to the driver with the license plate # and keep waiting. Then they call the manager who walks to the gas station to fix the computer... what was wrong with it you ask, the printer was turned off. ...... AHHHHHHH just a little stressed over here. But all turned out ok. We got gas and were on the way home. the whole thing only added about 50 min to the trip, just a really stressful 50 min.

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