Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Now Open

The Purple Poodle is now open in its new location.
728 10th st.

Thank you for all the friends and family who showed there support this last week with flowers, cards, phone calls and e-mails. Here is a short tour of the place so far and come cute flowers sent to me from my parents.


gord42 said...

NIce digs!
Congrats on the big opening! I look forward to seeing it in person, but in the meantime thanks for the video tour!!

Anonymous said...

place looks great

Anonymous said...

WOW! How impressive! Congrats sweetheart on achieving a new level of business success in your life. I know how hard you and Kev worked to make this happen and how much the boys were involved in many ways also. (oh yah and also Dave/Anna and mom?I :) With sweat labour and love.
I won't say goodluck because you have talent and the luck will flow from that.