Thursday, September 04, 2008


(Wow you can tell the kids went to bed early 3 entries in one night)

So we went camping last week in a YURT, yes I spelled it right. It was a lot of fun. This is our Yurt

It made camping really nice. They were cool and had electricity, heater, fan, lights. All we need was to get water. So it still felt a little like camping. They only cost $45 a night, and a normal electric site there cost $30 so for the differents it was so worth it. We will be doing it again next year that is for sure. And next time we might do like our neighborers and bring the microwave. (kidding)

You can look up yurts on line, that are not a bad price if you had land and wanted a fast easy (easy for some) cabin that you could expand easily.

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Anonymous said...

another great company is Rainier Yurts - better quality. happy Yurting!