Monday, January 26, 2009

Poor Kyler

This is what I get for saying nothing is new....
Tonight we were all playing in the playroom upstairs. It started with Kyler me and Dathen playing hockey, then dad joined us and Kyler asked for me to come and play cars. So I gave up hockey and went to sit with him in the corner. Now you can see this right Kyler (3 years) mom (30 years) on the floor Dad (30 years) and Dathen (6 years) playing hockey on the same floor. You would think one of the older people in the room would think this is not a good idea right...
Well just as this thought comes to us and both Kevin and I turn to tell Dathen to only hit the ball lightly, he winds up and smacks Kyler right in the eye with the ball.
Poor guy was so hurt he could not even cry at first. Given a minute and he had no problem. Dathen was crying to, he did not mean to hit him. This is the one time he really did not MEAN to hit him.
After a few minute of cuddling with me, Kyler was ok, well ok enough to go find Dathen and tell him it was ok and he should not worry. That's my Kyler, thinking of his brother.
After seeing that Kyler was not going to lose the eye and we were not going to send him away, Dathen was ok.
We will see how bad it looks in the morning.

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Gord said...

Poor buddy. Glad to hear he's recovering. I hope it's not black/blue!

~Uncle Gord