Saturday, January 24, 2009


So we start another year and I tell myself I will bolg this year! knowing deep down that I will probly fall off the wagen 2 weeks in. oh wait we are already 3 weeks into the year and i am just bloging now. Oh well....
Dathen has is first lose tooth. bottom front. He was not happy about it when it first started to wiggel but now it seem to be ok. I ask him everyday how it is to get him to move it round, so hopefuly it will not stay in ther to long.
Kyler is growing and learning everyday. He was haveing problems at daycare with a kid or two, but after I talk to the caregivers it seems to be better so far.
Kevin is working hard.
The shop is doing well. I heired my first employie a few weeks ago. So far she is GREAT. her name is Namoie, and she has a lot of comin seince. Which is nice! Of cours I need to lear to do payrol now, but that is ok. I am learning more eveyday with this shop thing. If nothing else I have push myself to grow, by opening the shop. (The Purple Poodle).
Well sorry for no fun thrilling tails of the ER or cars falling apart but life is bussy and normal right now. Maybe next time I write.

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Gord said...

Did I tell you I have a blog?
It's not a lot of family updates (Tanya's is better for that )
But mine does occassionally have something to think about.

All the best for 2009!