Sunday, February 01, 2009

Dathen is playing "hunting" ( they are hunting dogs, cats and wabbits) when he comes running over to me crying. After desifering through the tears I come to see he has a large gap in the front of his mouth. I know, I know he just lost his tooth, but this is larger then a one tooth hole. And sure enough he lost another one. I first thought it was knocked out but no it just feel out. He just did not get to wiggle that one for a week first. And all the tears were not because it came out it was because he could not find it. So we search the living room and found it pretty fast. That made the tears dry up and the cats run for the hills for the game was back on.
He tells me he has another lose tooth on the bottom, at this rate he will look like a toothless old mad and have to eat mushie food, because of lack of teeth. He only has 18 teeth to go.
Dathen told dad that he is going to save the tooth until he has a lot and then give them to the tooth fairy all at once for big money. Thats one way to save I guess.

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