Thursday, March 05, 2009

HD Test

I think I have talk to everyone by now and if not I am sorry this is the way you find out the news, But I went and got tested for the HD gene. As some might know it runs in my family, and I had a 50% chance of having it or not. So I waited until we were done having kids and health insureaces was all set up and took the big step to find out. It all starts with a talk with a geninolagest who finds out how much you know about HD. I think I shocked him when I started talking about proten repeats and how that affects the gene. I knew more then he thought I would. Then a blood test and then the really really hard part.... the wait. And to top the horable waiting off my appoinment to find out got misplaces and was canceld for 2 more weeks. But in the end I found myself waiting for a teleconferance in Brandon hospital with kevin to find out the news.
And it was a negitive. I DO NOT HAVE THE GENE!!!! This means my kids can never have it, there kids and so on. Its wonderful news!!
I am having a hard time adjusting to it. I have lived my whole life thinking I had it, and made choice based on that fact, (which was worng). Its going to take some time to really get the feeling of no clock chaseing me, but with time it will come.
So that is my great news this month, this year!
And thanks to all for the flowers they are great and keep me thinking about spring right around the corner.


Blondie said...

You know how very happy I am for you. Unbelievable weight off your shoulders. This marks the beginning of a new chapter for you. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Anonymous said...

your right it is the best news of your life