Wednesday, June 10, 2009

a new toy for mom

So I got a new toy this week. I got a notebook, for those who don't know its a small lap top. The screen is only 10" and there is a really SMALL keyboard, that takes awhile to get used to typing on it but I am doing it :) But it does have e-mail and internet along with some games. So far I like it, other then learning who to type on this little keyboard. But the best part is I don't have to kick Kevin off the computer :)
But on another note Dathen did not have a great day yesterday, his bike was stolen. His new $250 bike was taken out of our back yard while we were at soccer. We (all of use) forgot to lock it up and it was taken out of our back yard. He was really upset Kevin went out looking for it and I had to put the boys to bed. Just as Kyler was falling asleep Kevin got home. Dathen had to know if the bike was found and I would never have guessed it showed up in the drive way while Kev was out looking for it. Not a mark in it other then some dirt. He was happy but I think I was even more happy to know that someone returned it.


Not Jenny said...

Incredible! You must have a guardian angel!

gord42 said...

Small computer...did you mean a notebook or a *net*book?
Really really glad to hear Dathan's bike was returned. That's a cool story, except for the part about it being stolen in the first place.