Wednesday, June 03, 2009

#1lip #2 bike #3 work

So Its been awhile since I have posted anything. So we have a few stories to tell from the Petursson house.

#1 The Lip
Dathens school has a new playground and its full of things to climb and hang from and that is just what the kids do. Dathen how ever fell off! He fell off the monkey bars and hit is top lip. His friends helped him to the office where they gave him some ice and called me at work. Being spring and all I did not get the phone and they ended up calling Kev who went down to see what happened. When he got there Dathens lip was bigger then his thumb, and he had a good cut on the inside of it. He was a trouper and went back to class even though he could hardly talk. That lip stayed swollen for just over a week!! I thought about taking him to the doc, but there is not a lot they can do for a swollen lip and his teeth were fine so we left it. Now he is almost back to normal and we can understand more of what he is saying.

#2 Dathen and the Bike
So we thought Dathen should learn to ride his bike with out training wheels. And he agreed. So we took him to the park at the school and worked on riding a two wheeler. He did not like the feeling of it at all and soon gave up. We would not put the training wheels back and he would not ride with out them, so we did not ride for a week or so. Then he wanted to try again, so him and Kev tried down the back lane, again he did not like the feeling and did not want Kev to let go. Kev did let go of course and stayed running with Dathen so he thought dad was still holding him. But he was quite capable of doing it, he just did not think so. Then one Sunday morning he ask Dad to if he can call on a friend. Dad says sure and Dathen asks if he can ride his bike. trying not to look to surprise by the change in him Kev said sure. So dathen got his bike out put on his helmet and pushed his bike out front. He was having a little trouble going at first so kev asked if he wanted a hand to get started. Kev gave Dathen a little help and that was it he was off and we have not been able to stop him. He rides everywhere!! even to school in the morning (we are 3 house away) Last weekend we bought him a new bike, his old one was his dads old bike. His new one has hand breaks and gears. He is so excited and even when he falls off, a band ad and a hug and he is off again! I am so proud!!

#3 The Purple Poodle....
WHAT A DAY!!!! For those that don't know I had heired on another staff member named Peter. He was my bather and Naomi was moving into the grooming position. Things were going along ok Peter was learning and I was learning about having more then one staff member. Then today Peter did not show up...., no call..., no e-mail, no word at all. So with out lossing it I called in Naomi who came in early to help me out and some how we got the dogs done. By not having a bather we were over booked 4 dogs. But she stayed in there with me and we got it done. So now we had to figure out how to get through the next 2 weeks with no bather. As we sat down to figure this out I ask her to make all the calls to move people around. She does not have a problem with this but says we should answer the 22 messages we had from the day first. I agree and we find a few days got really easy to handle from people canceling. :) So Kev comes at the end of the day to help with clean up and computer stuff. Naomie does all the calling and I finish up the last dog. We get done all the stuff, all 3 kids (my 2 and naomis 1) are all there, and I decide to take us all out to BK for dinner. As we are trying to get out the door the phone keeps ringing and some one keeps asking how to get the our location. Not thinking that we should be closed I keep telling them. As we are just about out the door in walks a lady with... wait for it ............. NOT A DOG, A RESUME!!!!!!!!!! She took school for dog grooming in Ontario!!!! I take her to the back to a really fast interview and offer her a job starting 9 am tomorrow. I don't think she new what to say other then sure!!
So tomorrow will be a whole new day. Wish me luck :)

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