Friday, May 07, 2010

Well Dathen lost another tooth, to bad it was not one of the ones I was hoping for. Last night Dathen was playing soccor and got hit with the ball in the face. Now what a bad mother I am as I walk toward him thinking "please have knocked out those front teeth, please" as I see the tears and blood dripping from his face. But I was not lucky or should I say he was not so lucky. You see this is Dathens mouth right now.

As you can see he has 4 front teeth and 2 of them need to come out. If they don't come out on there own when he goes to the dentist next week I think they are going to have to help them out. But the one tooth on the right that looks like its sideways did come out on its own. And he already sent if off the tooth fairy. He got $2 for it. And was very excited! It came out at lunch at school, so he got to show everyone too. There was not blood so he was happy with that.

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