Monday, May 10, 2010

I hate teeth!!

Those who know me know I don't like people messing around in my mouth. But I have been getting buy the last few years, and going to the dentist for my cleanings and check ups. Well the last 2 have not gone well. The first one that went bad, my jaw was to sore to finish the polish. And this time I had an anxiety attack even with 2 pills in me. (Side note, I don't take the pills often and I only ever need one!) I did not get past the hygienist looking and measuring the gum line. I did managed to stay long enough to let the dentist look in my mouth. I did tell him he had less then 10 minutes to do so or I was going to have another attack. He looked at my x-rays and teeth and no cavities again. Why do I keep going back for cleanings when I have no cavities on my own? I get stress, I have not been able to finish one in a year and the hygienist just gets pissed at me not knowing why I am crying over a cleaning (she has never had an anxiety attack obliviously).
So NO I will not be going with Dathen to the dentist for his teeth pulling scheduled for May 20th.
Oh and a Thanks to the PRATT family for my teeth :P

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