Saturday, August 28, 2010

the rest of our trip

Well that was it we went to the Dells, but as you can see we were so busy I did not get to blog once. So now on the road home I am going to try to remember what we did.
We set up camp at Sherwood forest. Which was nice. We ended up with a flat tier the first morning but thanks to my dad we have a pump in the car and were able to fix it with out any troubles or yelling. Thanks dad.
Lets see the first day there we went to Mt. Olympus. It was very age appropriate for our kids. We started at the go carts for Dathen and Dad. Kyler did not want to go so I waited with him, and that was ok because then we could look at the map and figure out where to go next. We were smart enough to take out walky talkies too which helped find each other later. After a few different go carts, which we eventually got Kyler to go on we moved on to the water parks. But only after he go cotton candy, he is my kid.
Starting with a beach entrance lazy river with tubs. Then a wave pool, which I think was Dathens favorite. Then some water slides. This is where we had to split up, the kids can not ride the same level of slid yet. But they had sizes for everyone. Small for Kyler, so small I was not aloud on them, medium for Dathen and large for well no one went on the large ones I don't think. But I am sure Dathen would have given time.
After the outside water slide, we moved inside to more slides and tub rides. The the other outside pool on the other side of the hotel, and back in again. Some among all this we did manage to get food. Which considering its a captive audience was not that badly priced. Then we convinced the kids to move to yet another water pool. One with the large wave pool, tub slides and a beach. Kyler ended up loving this pool, with the one BIG wave every 4 min. Dathen was not as happy but he found something to do. It is now 4pm or so and we decide to dry off. Actually the kids said they were done in the water, if you can believe it, and Kyler fell asleep for a short while in sun. So we eat, changed and did not slow down one bit. We were off to the rides. Dathen road 2 large roller coasters with dad, while Kyler and I went on some small kiddy rides. Finally at 9pm we went back to the camp site and CRASHED!!!!

Of course the next morning the kids looked good and tanned while kev and I looked like lobsters. We were so red!! Good thing this day was planed mostly inside. It started with circus world. Which was not great, but interesting. It had a good show but the rest was just a museum which the kids were not into at all. We did get to see a three ring act, with dogs, which made kyler happy, jugglers which dathen and dad liked and a rope act I thought was amazing.
The afternoon was Wizard Quest, which was ok but a little to old for our kids. We spent 2 hours in there and did not finish the game. By the end kev and I were ready to ripe out our hair because the kids would not stand still long enough to read anything so we could not finish with out the information. Then Dinner and back to the campground for a hour or so and we were off again to a magic show. This kids LOVED this!!! It was 90 min!! Not once did they ask when will it end, in fact they were worried it was going to be the end to soon. We spoiled them here and got the a big drink cup and 2 light up wand things. But we all had a great time. It was really well done with lots of good jokes and big tricks.
10pm back to the campground to CRASH AGAIN.

Day 3 started the same but this time we packed up the tent trailer before starting our day. We drove down town parked and took in Ripley believe it or not, the kids could care less, we had the same problem as wizard quest where they would not let us read anything. We tried a 4D movie, again was not great and the kids could take it or leave it, mostly leave it. Lunch and we stopped at the hotel to see if we could check in yet. The room was not quit read yet so we went for a little shopping at the outlet mall and found Dathen Healies and dad some shoes, we also found Dathen some cloths at old nave, ones that don't need to be hemed and have no zippers so we are both happy about that.
When we were able to get into our room we settled right in. With 2 queen beds and a small balcony it was nice. We had a fridge, and microwave, blow-dryer, coffee maker and of course a t.v. with Disney channel, the kids loved this.
Off the the water parks we went as soon as everyone was changed. They had a large play house, a normal pool, small water slides 3 tub rides, 1 mat ride, 6 large slides and a wave pool, along with a small play area that was to small for our kids, and that was all inside. Out side they had another small play area, small slide, pool, and tub rides. Oh and this is were the tornado was. Dathen and dad road that one first then me and Dathen. I only went on it once just so I could say I did it, but Dathen and dad did it again later.
By 7pm we got the kids out of the water, dry and headed for story time in the lobby,. This is when the staff read a story out loud in the lobby to the kids who are all in there pj's then they can meet a character if they want. Only then at 8:30 we ordered dinner and headed to the room to you guessed it CRASH!!

Day 4 at the hotel, started early like normal, but not on a great note. The kids are over tiered, parents are tiered and sore from the sun, everyone is a little sick of each other. So we were slower getting going to breakfast and once there it was a fight for everything. From I am not going to eat, to I don't want to sit here. So after breakfast we sat in the room awhile until we could all regroup and have a good day. The TV did a good job of helping with this.
Then we took the kids to top secrete. I should have done more research on this one. It was a fun house of the white house, but it ended up scaring the #@$% out of Dathen, so much so by the end he was crying. I felt horrible, poor kid. Kyler did not like it but he seemed to do better with it the his brother. So to make it up to them we eat at Mcdonalds, and went swimming right after.
We also went to Magic Quest where the kids got wounds and had to find things with them. This was more age approprite for them but I am not sure what they got of it. Again they had a hard time listing to what was being said to them. But the strangest part was Dathens name and Birthday were already in the computer. Which means someone else with the same first name and birthday had been to that location. I may have meet this family once in WPG, they are from Edmonton. Small world sometimes.
That night we went to Walmart and got frozen dinners for supper. No one was up to going out we were all tiered. Not that it stop us. After dinner from we went to the arcade, winning lots of tickets. I won on a game called flaming fingers which gave me 375 tickets. Kev came along sure he could go it to and ended up spending $3 and increasing the jackpot and never being able to do it. Just for me to try one more time and getting it again. It was really funny!!!
Just before bed we went to the gift shop to make a stuffed animal. Dathen picked a red dragon and Kyler picked a pink poodle.

Next Day
Still at the hotel. The next morning, we packed up everything, went to cub club to paint a airplane, went swimming, and played magic quest in the hotel. Wow are we tired!! And of course this is the day Kyler tries the tub slide and loves it, along with the large water slide in the tree house. Which he did by himself. He makes this discovery as we are try to get the kids out of the water. Kev keeps saying one more and then lets them do 2 on this slide and one more on that slide. ½ hour later we get out of the pool.
Then off we went to drive to Minneapolis. The kids were so tiered that they did pretty good in the car. We drove right around Minneapolis and stayed the night at Albervielle We decided not to stop and do any of the things we had planed there. We are all just to tiered and we do need to get home.

Next Day
Day 6
Drive to Fargo, stopped at Walmart did a little shopping and then drove to WPG. No problems at the boarder, we only spent $730.80. This included the car light bulb we need to get.

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