Sunday, August 15, 2010

We made it to the Sherwood Forest!

We made it to the Dells last night. YAAA!!! The boys did better with the traveling, dad and I did worse. I think we just got tiered and stopped communicating as well as the day before.
Let see yesterday, we went to and aquarium all about fish. And by the end I was sick of fish!! I think the boys were to. There were some cool things but not enough to keep up busy for more then 30 min or so. The lake (lake superior) was neat to watch with all the boats and bridges, I am not sure if the boys liked it or not. Kyler was getting winey by the time we saw that part of the aquarium. We did get to see them feed the fish, which does not sound cool but was kind of neat. They had to send divers into the tank and hand feed some of the fish right in front of us. That was cool to watch.
They parking was crazy, there was a blues festival going on. And unlike home, they just set up there Rvs in the parking lot for the weekend. It was different to see all these Rvs set up on concrete in the middle of the city. And driving in the city....WOW. One its good Kev was driving, two the roads are really confusing, you have to turn away from where you want to go to get there, the three Kyler thought it was great. He liked all the tunnels (made by over passes) and how it looked like a spider web.
We also concluded that Dathen is lactose intolerant yesterday. We did great for 2 weeks with grandma, then I get him and make him sick. I eat a lot of dairy, so my kids do to, well that was what sent Dathen throwing up again yesterday. But being the trooper that he is once he was sick, he was much better.
Let see what else, we got to the new camp site, Sherwood forest, at 9:00pm and it was dark already. Its amazing what a few hours south will do. So Kev and I set up the trailer in the dark. We are getting good at that. It took us less then ½ ab hour. And the kids were happy because they went to see the movie that was playing, Ants. From our camp site we can see the park, and the movie theater, where they have a snack bar, we can almost see the pool and front entrance but not quit.
Its now 7:20 and I am waiting for the family to get up and moving. Kyler seems to be the one sleeping in the most. Poor kid just is not getting sleep these days. There is to much to do and see.

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Anonymous said...

glad to see you are all having fun
grandma and gran dpa