Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kyler starts school

So that's it I am now a mother of two school age kids. :( But they are so little!! Kyler started school this week. He is going to preschool in the AM and kindergarden in the PM, then he goes to after school with Dathen. So after I drop him off at 8:45 he stays there all day. The first day went great and he loved it! We will see what happens the rest of the week. Dathen seems to be injoying his classes too. But he says he does not have any friends, but I have seen him outside at lunch playing with a group of boys, I only know them as "Brandon and he guys". So I will have to try to get to know them in the next little while.
The roof is my biggest head ach right now. The company we thoought was going to do it, was not able to and now we are on the waiting list with them. So Kev got a few others to look and we may have to pay more for being done in the winter but at lest it will get done.
Work is going ok, we had a hard week with 3 of us sick this week. Its not fun working with bunch of sick people. But I hope this is it, and its out of the way for the winter.

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