Saturday, September 18, 2010

My nose

I love my son I have to keep telling myself this today. Why you might ask, well it all started about 3 am a few nights ago. Kyler still comes to our bed in the middle of the night. And I don't bother taking him back to his. If I did by the time I got him sleeping again I would be awake, so I just let him sleep in the bed. I should say did let him. The other night he was tossing and turning and hit me right in the face. In fact he hit me in the nose. To day I am in so much pain I am pretty sure he broke it. I have broken it once before and it felt like this. I can not put my head down because it hurts more, I can not turn really fast and forget about yawning!! I don't have any black eyes but I didn't last time either. I don't think they can do anything for it other then give me pain meds. Which may have been good my mid-day today.
I can tell you this I am going to try to keep him in his bed from now on! We even bought a heating pad for his bed thinking that he is come to our room because he is cold. It seems to have helped a little to keep him in his bed. Being tiered from school has helped to.

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