Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween 2010

Kylers pumpkin Dathens pumpkin
Kyler the vampire Dathen and Jillian
the skeleton and Ninja

Dathen and Kyler carved there own pumpkins that we grow this summer in our garden in the back yard. They made the faces and drew them on the pumpkins and did almost all the cleaning and carving themselves.

Kyler cleaning his pumpkin with mom

Dathen cleaning his pumpkin
Dathen carving his pumpkin.
If you know me you know I am alergic to pumpkin, so really should not be helping but I thought if I took at alergie pill I might be ok. Well.... I was better but I still reacted a little. But the itching did not last very long. I thought it was worth it.
They boys had to go out with dad because I was sick at home :( but they had a good time.

They went out at 6:30- 7:00 or so and came back about 8. So they were not out to long and did not get toooooo much candy. More then any kid needs :)


Anonymous said...

thanks for the pictures see you SAT

New York Birthday said...

AWESOME PUMPKINS! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.