Saturday, February 02, 2013

Short up date so I can get back to writing about the day to day stuff.

So lets see, it's now 2013 Dathen is 10 years old and in grade 5 Kyler is 7 and in grade 2 (french). I am still working as Auntie Cheryl from home and Kevin is still at Koch.
A few thing I think I might be asked about years from now are how old was I when I was aloud to do..... what ever they are asking at the time.
So Dathen is now a loud to go to the public library on his own, he started this at age of 8. He takes our cell phone and needs to call us when he gets there and comes home right after. I figured this was better then going to the Mowhawk for slurpies ever day.
Last summer Dathen was a loud to go to the skate park on his own and the age of 9 but only before 12, I figured the teenagers were still in bed so I did not have to worry as much, again he takes the cell phone.
This winter a friend that lives near us, also age 10 got a pass to the YMCA and the two have walked down and gone swimming together.
Dathen stays up till 9:30 but has to be in bed by 9 and does reading for 1/2 an hour before lights out. Dad still reads to him every night at 8. 2 chapters from what ever book he picks. Dathen is still working his way throw braces, and being a trooper about it. We have on just the bottoms one now but he is going on 2 years with no popcorn, poor guy.

Kyler is 7 now and starting to ask for more freedom and sure thinks he should stay up later. He gets 2 chapters read to him every night my mom at 8 and then flash light time till 9 then lights out. He gets up easy ever day so I hope he is getting enough sleep, He is aloud to go the school play ground on his own, but most of the time his brother is there too.

Dathen and Kyler walk to school and home on there own, they also come home and make there own lunches ever school day. I stop in to see them and remind them to eat a piece of fruit, which they are pretty good at doing. Then call them to send them back to school I might only work part time but I usually have someone who can not pick up till 12:30 and by then the kids are back at school. But I trust them to have lunch, I'm just out the door if they need me.
Sometimes if I have to run to the store or pick up Kevin from work I will leave the boys at home watching TV. I am never gone more then 20 min and most of the time they don't even noticed I have left. They have not even moved from the spot I  left them. But if Kev and I want to go out for dinner we still get a sitter.

Both boys and to do "dishes" every night, this some times can be done fast but if left to them can also take 2 hours. They start playing and goofing off. But it brings back memories of me and my brother doing dishes and I know they are making memories.

And that I think is about it. for big growing pains with the kids anyway. I am going to try to write more often about the day to day things from now on.

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