Sunday, February 03, 2013

Dathen loves his Grandpas

Even though we live 2 hours away Dathen is still close to his Grandparents. Here is what happened, Dathen came home from school with a note from his teacher saying he had not done his homework from the week. When asked about it he said he kept forgetting it at school and had again. So I sent him back to school to get it. Well he did not want to go and had a fit about it, after some yelling he went stomping all the way.
When he got back I asked to see the assignment and had it thrown at the kitchen as he stomped off to watch tv. Well that was not going to go over well. So we said no TV. He fought and fought about it, I had to leave to swimming classes with Kyler but Dad was home and had to deal with Dathen. Well he got so mad that he could not watch TV he called his grandpa Pratt to look for empathy, and when grandpa did not have the answer he wanted he called the his other grandpa Petursson looking for it. Neither one gave him the empathy but they did listen to him.
So at lest we know that when Dathen feels he can not turn  to mom and dad he has other family he can go to for help, even if  he does not get what he wants, they are there.

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