Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I hate Franklin!

I love and hate Franklin. He is a cute little turtle with great stories to tell. The kids love his books and all the animals are fun too but his parents always say and do just the right thing. It makes me feel inferior to a turtle! how  bad is that. His mom always says just the right thing and drops everything to help him. His dad is never to busy or tells him to just wait a minute. And they never say things like "good painting" no it's "I like your painting,I see red and blue, tell me about it" just like all the parenting books tell you to.
Like I was saying I love Franklin for the stories and lessons for my kids (and me), but when I have not had a great day  at being a parent they can make me feel worse. I guess MY lesson is he is just a book and the author had lots of time to come up with the dialog, not like in really life. Its something to strive for. Maybe the next time the kids bring me a new painting I will think of Franklin and respond to the picture like one of his parents would.
That is the point of the stories right, get the kids to think and act like Franklin, so I should think and act like his parents.

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