Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hope to never do

So twice a week the kids and I go to the ymca after school. they are both involved in programs and I go to swim. And once a week I see this mom and her kid and hope to never become like them. Her daughter is in swimming lessons and gets out of the pool around the same time I do. We end up in the shower area at the same time and all I hear from her mom is "hurry up!" The girl goes from swimming to soccer apparently on these nights. And this girl is moving fast already. I and her swimming class mates are never out of the change room before her. In fact the other girls have comment on how sad it is that she as to rush away and not get to stay and chat. (they are about 7 years old)
Now its not the girls fault these activates ended up on the same night. Her mom must have thought she could do both. But what fun is it to jump out of the  pool spend the next 10 minutes getting yelled and to hurry up just to be rushed off to soccer where mom drops her off and then goes  home with her little brother. Dad picks her up after soccer. I know this because one day during the yelling she asked mom why she could not stay to watch the game "just once".
I hope I have the for site to never over book my child this way! My kids have a lot going on and yes sometimes we are late because one activities ran late or we had to come home for something we forgot, but the world did not end and I don't yell at my children for my over booking them. And  one of us is always at the activities if we can be. This maybe harder when I start to work evenings so I will not get to high on that hoarse.
Anyway I just thought I would write this to remind myself never to over book my kids. They need time to just be kids, and sing in the YMCA shower :)
I also must say this mom makes my time and everyone else in the change room uncomfortable. No one talks while she is there because they could not be heard over her yelling anyway. Mom take a pill!

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