Tuesday, November 25, 2014

start a New blog?

So I guess that is the question, to start a new blog or not. I think I have lost all but 2 people who followed me due to lack of posting. Go figure. I have not posted in years. Even my information is out of date. But I would like somewhere to keep track of what my kids are learning or not learning as we unschool and my thoughts and feelings while we do this to. So the question is do I start a new blog or just start using this one again? I think I might just start to use this one again. Its not for anyone but me, or any unfortunate sole that reads it. Anything on here I would tell any one who asked, and I don't see writing anything earth shattering the will change any ones life. So there it is as of Nov 25 2014 this is my Unschooling blog.

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