Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Nov 25-

So let me point out in all post from this day forward when I say the kids have 3 subjects done its the 3 my husband and I have decided we are not going to drop while we unschool. Which to some unschoolers means we are not unschooling. But because we only do 3 subjects some homeschoolers say we don't do enough. We are fence walkers right now. All the books on unschooling say let go of what you can and take your time doing it. So that is what we did. We kept Math (teaching text books) Reading (15 min a day from a book, of their picking) and Writing (writing with out tears for now, just to get a pencil in there hand). Everything else is what ever we come across and want to learn more about. Or a moment of panic from mom and I start shoving things down throats again. 
Boys got all 3 subjects done by 12 and included science too. We melted a candle at both ends and watched it teeter back and forth. Then they both jumped on to mind craft. I on the other hand have not gotten laundry done, or dishes and am only now sitting down to eat at 12:15 for my first meal. Dathen got out of math on the computer today by approaching the idea differently and earlier then yesterday, when we had melt down. So we played darts and worked on math that way. I learned Kyler is really fast with numbers and Dathens default now is to reach for a calculator. I can understand, I do to. But we did most of it on paper or in our heads.

  I am sitting here eating, typing this up, and watching birds. I keep thinking "I could be doing more with the kids." I could be, I don't know- making them lean how to type, history, or paragraph structure. But I also know that two things would happen; one, they would not remember any of it and two, they would not be happy kids. But I might feel like I accomplished something, (might) and would have a reason to be stressed like everyone else. Wait, I am doing this so I am I not like everyone else. Who wants to be stressed? Don't we always look at the guy all relaxed and claim and think he has it made. Hey that is me...some days.

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