Wednesday, December 03, 2014

goals and hopes for homeschooling

This post I hope to write my goals and hopes for my kids by hs.Why we chose to do this and where we hope to go with it. I thought it might be a good follow up to fears
     Why we chose to hs is easy to answer, we did not like what our family looked like. There was a lot of running around, yelling, disconnection, and we were not a family unit, we were house mates and drivers. This was not what we pictured when we pictured a family. We saw picnic's, game night, fun dinners with lot of laughs. We saw walks, talks, and enjoying each others company. Watching the kids grow and seeing them change, being there for the little discoveries. By being apart all day and running around all night we missed so many of the little things. We did not know we had a choice, this is just how everyone ran there life, wasn't it? Then we meet some wonderful families at swimming lessons. Who told us there was a different way, and a different life style. We did research, went to conferences, and talked there ears off. (Big thank you to them by the way.) That was how we got here.
     Now where do we want to go....     I want my kids to be happy, have wonderful memories of growing up, be close to me and their dad, and find joy in life. I want them to understand responsibility, consequences, the value of a dollar, and that life is what you make of it. I want my kids to find jobs they love but know the job is not who they are. I want them to be independent but know that we are always there for them. But most of all I want them to love themselves and those around them for who they are.
     I hope by hs they see that you don't have to do what everyone else is doing. In fact by finding another way or thinking outside the box you might be happier. I also hope our relationship stays strong, and I teach them or show them all the things I want them to know. I hope they never look back and say "I wish...." I hope they understand I am doing the best I know how and forgive me for where I fail.

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