Friday, December 05, 2014

teachable moments

So one of my big fears is missing "teachable moments". Books and blogs talk about them all the time. So when I am feeling good and on top of things I watch for them, and may see a few in a week. But this week was a hard week and I feel like I probably miss a lot of these moments. Until I sat with Kyler today to see his hotel he made on mind craft. He is not the greatest speller or typist but when he needs to shift from creative to survival and back in mind craft look out. He whipped off that command in no time and with out thinking. When did that learning happen? It was a moment I saw what all the books talk about, kids learn and remember what they need and want to know. Not the facts we try to put in there heads. So for a moment I feel like I know what I am doing. I figure that will pass in about an hour.
     We started volunteering at the soup kitchen this week. The first day was great, Kyler wanted to go back the next day but I made the commitment to Wednesdays so he was to wait a week. All we did was peel potatoes, but we talked and got out of the house. They seem to be looking forward to it next week. The walk there was nice too.
     Kyler finished his writing, and I gave them the week off math so he does not have much school work to do these days. This is good and bad. He likes to bug his brother who still has writing to do because of a mix up a few weeks ago as to what a page was. Dathen is working away like a good little beaver as always.
   I hope HS is the right choice, and I did not mess up my kids lives. See told you that confidence would not last long.

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