Friday, December 12, 2014

Money... make the world go round?

So one of the big jokes in our family growing up was "mom was so poor......" And really she was. They struggled for a lot of basic needs. Now that I have kids I look at money a little differently. What I chose to buy, save, spend or invest in. I find it interesting that less then 50 years ago "rich" kids were the ones getting the longer PS education. Parents did not need them to help on the farm or get jobs to help feed hungry mouths, so these kids (the ones with money) were able to continue in school for longer. Now as a home schooler I have heard from moms "we could not afford to home school" Both parents need to work to pay off bills. Bills from their schooling, the big house, cars, vacations. Its an interesting turn. People think we have money and that is how we can home school. If only they knew. It was one moms dream, to home school, but she did not think she could  afford not having her income.
      So one day my kids my say "We were so poor....." But I hope they see that they are only poor in material thing, and not the basic needs like there Grandmother was . The dish wash is NOT a basic need guys. I hope they see that yes if Mom worked full time maybe we could go on Disney vacation EVERY year, but they would not spending every day with me. Some may say its quality not quantities. That is true, but if you are sleep deprived, stressed and running around 51 weeks of the year, is that 1 week really worth it?

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