Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sex ed

     This is not something we thought of when we decided to homeschool. We talked about math, science, reading and writing but not sex ed. I don't know if most parents do. But guess what, I don't get to pass the sex talk onto someone else. They are not going to have some unconformable teacher try to tell them about sex to a giggling class of peers. No this lesson lands on mom and dad. And in this house mostly mom. My oldest is now 12, and I hope no where near sex but his body is changing so we need to start having these conversations.  I have put out books, but he is not a big reader and I don't know how much he has read on this. I guess I am going to have to make a game plain and just jump in. If I think about this to much I will work myself up and not be able to do it with the confidence I think he needs from me.
     As uncomfortable as this conversation is going to be at lest I will know he is getting good information, from a loving environment. I hope this will not traumatize him and if it does let me say on the record that I am sorry and I am only doing what I think is best.

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