Thursday, December 18, 2014

Passive learning

So after talking last night at parent night and then following up with hubby I came to a new in site about our house and its learning style. We are passive learners not aggressive learners. We are not researchers, or book worms that spend hours in books or on line looking stuff up. We don't write papers, make booklets, or do work sheets. We are listen to interesting cbc stories, watch educational and entertaining shows, play games that might teach us a thing or two. We talk to each other and ask questions of people who might know the answers.
     It has taken me almost 2 years to learn this and be ok with it. Strewing things for my kids to find also does not work, but listening to them retell me information from things they have seen or heard does and then maybe asking questions to make them think or want to know more or sometimes just letting that be enough. These things work for us.
     So when I see the aggressive learning family and start to wonder why can't we be like them, I hope to re read this and remind myself we are not that kind of learners, but we are learning. Not everyone is a go getter, make reports, do projects kind of person. Some of use like our information gently introduced into our minds and this is ok and learning too. On the outside it might not look as impressive but inside it feels right for us.

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