Monday, December 08, 2014

Rough start

This morning was a hard start. Over the weekend I came to the "we are not learning anything" wall again. And this showed this morning when I ask the kids what they are doing today and was answered with blank looks and shrugs. Ahhhh... My kids have no drive, I must find them something to do, other then mind craft and t.v. But what? We are enjoying watching the birds so lets make bird feeders. Looked up a recipe, we have everything we need, ok now I have a plain. Ok kids who wants to make bird feeders.... NOTHING!! Blank looks of boredom with the idea. Now what? Dathen leaves to go to his school work, Kyler cries about having to do the little that is assigned to him. Well screw it I am making the bird feeders. Kyler offers to help, only because he does not want to do his math. After 5 min math looks like a better option and goes to do that. Dathen will not even come down stairs. "My kids have nothing to do, there for they are not learning" I am thinking with panic.
     Ok take a breath, find a cool lego web site maybe that will light a fire. Nope, How about sock monsters? Nope. By now its lunch. Ok well I need time to think and start to make myself eggs for egg salad. Kids hear movement in kitchen and are sure the bird feeder thing is over with so come out of hiding. I agree to walk them through making egg salad but am not making it for them (I hate peeling the eggs). After lunch we make fudge, what kid would say no to that. Now they are off playing outside.
     I am not feeling any better about them learning anything today. But at lest they are not in my face to remind me we should be doing something educational.
     Time to take a deep breath and read and re read some of my homeschooling books and web sites. 

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