Monday, December 01, 2014


Oh how I love family and Winnipeg. We went to the great city for my oldest sons birthday parties with family and doubled up with niece and nephew. Fun was had by most I think, but boys does the trip wear us out. Poor Kyler felt sick by the time we got home, and I went to bed a 7 and slept through the night. We love going to see family but its fast passed, loud and exciting. It takes us 2 days to recoup from 1 day visit.
     Today we went to the eye doctor, walmart, and library. Then tried to volunteer at the Christmas cheer board only to be told the kids were not old enough. (But we could help unload the bus while we were there to find out they were to young to help). They kids will get there subjects done but that is about it today. That and some recouping time from the weekend, payday tonight with dad, and putting together something to convince me they should be aloud to have an xbox and the game halo. This last one is Dathens project if he wants one bad enough. We will see if he does the work.

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