Thursday, January 08, 2015

Be nice to me day

So this blog was suppose to be about school and what the kids are doing and how they are growing. But right now or at lest for today its about me. I am having a be nice to me day. I have been struggling the last week or so trying to be in a good mood, happy would be nice. So when I got up this morning I did not force my aching body into a run, or work my back muscles on the rowing machine, no today while lying in bed thinking of all reasons not to get up I decided to be nice to my self today. I got up and did 30 min of Yoga, followed by hot tea. I did not shower, or put on make up, I did not do my hair or change into "real" cloths for the day. No, today I am going to wear yoga pants, sloppy t shirts and sweat shirt, big slippers and a smile. I am going to have a healthy lunch with all 4 food groups followed by a piece of chocolate and I am not going to feel guilty about it. I am going to smile at my kids and listen to them. We are going to make art and listen to a good book. We might even watch a movie later. This is my be nice to myself day. Its only 11 but so far I am feeling better already. The kids seem happy today which is going to help. Its still cold as all get out at -32c with the wind and I don't think that is helping my mood. I need sunshine and fresh air. But this to shall pass as I always say. 

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