Wednesday, January 07, 2015


The game Ukloo is a wonderful scavenger hunt game that gave me 30 min. of quite on a -32C day. I love this game! Its easy to set up with cards pre thought of and made all you have to do is hide them. Then give the kids one to start and they are off. By the way they are reading with out even knowing it. HAHAHA that is my evil mom laugh. They are also working together.
Hey a mom stuck in the house with her kids all week has to think of something to do with them. It was to cold to walk to the soup kitchen today, so we are spending the day inside.
I am still not sleeping great, a little better last night but still not like I used to.
Oh have to go reset the game, the kids want to do it again. I don't mind I takes less then 5 to set up. And I get more then that in peace. I think every mom should have this game. To bad no one reads my blog.
School is going ok other wise, I always worry, I always think we don't do enough, I am always thinking I closed doors on them by doing this. Wonder if this is why I don't sleep. No that cant be it.

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