Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Home again

So after a week holiday and no school work we are home again. We took Monday more or less off because we were all so tiered! It was a good holiday and I say we did not school work but we saw 3 science museums and a history walk. So I guess we did do some. This was our first holiday with my brother in law, and a great learning lesson. We learned how long we can be together, how it effects my family and how to better plain if we do it again. My hope is to get back to a little school today and the rest of the week. But it is so nice outside its hard to keep them in. So we will see what the day brings. They have both returned to liking me read to them, so I am happy about that. I missed that time with them. But they must have needed a break because for a few months they wanted nothing to do with me reading to them. As all the books say just when you figure something out it changes. I stressed a lot while with the other Petursson family. thinking my kids were not getting the same education. I still think it was the right chose but worry I don't do enough, make them do enough, or work hard enough. They have kids that do great in school, where mine had a hard time fitting in the box. They have tough kids who can take the emotional roughness of it, I don't. It made me feel bad to think for some reason my kids did not "fit". What did I do wrong? Should I make my kids tougher, cram them into some kind of box, make them fit some how? And how would I do that? It all just made me want to go back to my bubble.
So now we are back to our bubble, and I am starting to feel better. After the kids had some horrible sleep. Kyler had an anxiety attack and Dathen cried in his sleep, and my body felt like it was hit by a train. But today we all seem better.

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