Tuesday, January 06, 2015

mid year reports

Done and in the mail. That mid year report that I was not looking forward to having to write. I did not know what I was going to say. By taking more of the unschooling direction I was afread there was going to be nothing to say. I was wrong, I filled in the subjects with easy and confidence. Who knew we were learning so much.
Christmas went well, and new years eve was full of new games. Now I am fighting to get back into routine just to go on holidays in 2 weeks and being disrupted again. I am not sleeping well and I don't know if it because of this up coming holiday, lack of routine with the kids, or something I am eating. All I know is I am sleeping late and have little drive to do anything. I am reacting like I am stressed about something, but I can not pin point what that something is.
Maybe its my excitement of starting another business? I am planing to buy into Steeped Tea and start selling it.
Hoping for better sleep and a happy days.

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