Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I am not an unschooler

This past year I tried a more relaxed unschooling approach to school and I learned a really big lesson, I AM NOT AN UNSCHOOLER! Try as I might, as much as the kids loved it, I can not let go that much. So now I am researching and looking up all kids of curriculum. Blaming myself for not doing anything this year. Kev has been great making me stop and think about what we really leaned when we didn't learn anything. He is also great at reminding me I can not go back in time and change what I did I can only go forward and change what I plan to do.
So back from the ND conference and after spending what feels like hours looking at curriculum I feel a little better about moving forward. The dream of unschooling is still alluring but I now know I need to be able to measure my kids growth, and they need to be pushed a little. Its just who we are and that is ok.
I am still reading lots of books about unschooling, and how to break my measuring stick or how to make a new one that fits each kid. I now need to make long term goal sheets for the kids so I can make reference to them in Jan-Feb when I am freaking out.

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