Friday, March 06, 2015

Why X 5

So Kev came home with a business thing that says to get to the bottom of something ask why 5 times. So I thought I would try it and you know what it did work. When I started with I hate work I came down to no I don't hate work I hate that my kids keep growing and I have to work to maintain our life style. I am not happy in our schooling and need to do that question next.

I not happy with the way schooling has been going
Why (1)
Because I feel they are not learning enough compared to other HS or PS
Why (2)
Because they don't shine in one subject that I can highlight and say see we are doing that really good
Because I need the validation that I am doing something right
Why (4)
Because sometimes I don't feel like I am doing what is right for my kids, I am doing what is right for me
Because I know having them home is right for me but is it better for them?

Well see how that 5 question thing works. That is not where I thought I would end up. Not being happy about school is actually about weather I am being selfish. But if I look in my hearts of hearts its true. Now what to do about that...I still need to figure that out.
If you end with two answers to one why question you can then split off and do them both no matter where in the questions it comes up. Like if at my 3rd why I had two parts in my answer "because I don't notice and I need validation" then I could split it up and do two paths from that point.

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