Tuesday, December 13, 2005

cat in fire place

As some of you know I have 8 month old kitten. And she has done very well with the move and the lose of her cat run, or so I thought.
I came home to quite the misstery today. I opened my door and there was a distinced smell for a fire place. now I know I have a fire place but we have yet to have a fire, and have not had it smell before. My first thought was that the people upstaits were haveing one. But as I looked around the room other things seemed out of place as well. Little things, like the tabel top was dirty, the laundry in the basket looked a little dingy, and there were smug marks on the window. As I made my was throw the house I saw little smuges on the floor leading to the bathroom. I of course followed them. there in the bath tub was a race track of kitten foot prints rounding the edges. I figuer she had to be going full tilt to make the angle the prints were at. But there was no cat to be found. I quickly remember a laundry basket of white I had just finnished folding that morning still on my bed, and where there is laundry there is cats. Next stop bedroom still no cat thankfully. So where did she get to...? Well her next favorit spot the linen closet. Full of fresh clean sheets and towels. How well I have main floor laundry now, so its not so bad. She had managed to clean her self very well, and infact showed next to no sign no the sheets of the sut but I'll be washing them anyway, just to be sure.
Other then the sneezing now and then I think she is fine, and I don't think she will be trying that again.

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