Tuesday, March 28, 2006

winter fair

I think its starting to hit me, missing winnipeg that is. Its spring break and I am haveing trouble filling my days. No zoo, no childerens musiem, no forks, no pm pool, only on McDonalds with a play land. I mean I love it here but there are a few things I miss. My boys don't like being home but its hard to fill a whole day when the drive to get anywhere is only 10 min, tops. We are making do though.
We went to the winter fair today. it was fun but all I hear out of dathing is I want, i want so after 3 hours I had enough. So we came home and he cryed the whole way because he did not want to leave. But when I asked him if he had a good time he said no... go figuer he is 3. We watched the super dogs, Dathen thought they were ok, but he says "his Alis can do all that too!" So we went to see the farm anamils, that was ok, but to loud for Dathen. He did not like the cows when they mooed. He liked the pigs but they were not talking so he was not interested long. Then we spent the most time at the wheat table. (a table of wheat with cars in it) go figuer... he's a boy.
Better go Kylers teeth have him fussing again.


Jennifer Pollack said...

Hey There

Remember that cell painting I did for dathan here is a neat way to frame it! If you like


Heather said...

I know spring break is tuff, unless you have lots of stuff planned. and then kids don't always do what you want. it is too bad you couldnt come to
winnipeg for a few days just for a change for all of you.
maybe it is time to think of next spring break start putting money aside and plan to leave town for a few days. you know you are always wecome here.